Words and music by Mark Heimer


I was on my knees and kissing rings
And doing things I can't conceive
You best believe I was out of my head
That's why I'm felt but never seen
That's why I'm living in between
The lines they said we should have read

Omega Man Omega Man
Do the these last days ever make you sad?
Do you pine and long for the days long gone?
Do you wish that you were in the wrong?
Omega Man Omega Man
Do these last days ever make you glad?
Do you live anew because your days are few
And how it ends is up to you?

These days I live under the stairs
Whispering to those I thought my heirs
And ending up under more stares
It's time to cut my loss and run
Accept I'm the last one having fun
And crack my bell from being rung



from Omega Man Maxi​-​Single, track released January 10, 2012



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