Words and music by Mark Heimer


Ms. Understanding
Hey Mr. Understood
You should hook on up and get
A hard on for some good
The little understanding
And understoods you breed
Could suckle at the tit of human kindness
Sow your seed

A great divide resides in our mind
And the sadly funny thing is that we're on the same side
Our crystal ball is just
A disco ball
For wallflowers like me and you

Ms. Understanding
Hey Mr. Understood
Domesticity ain't easy and
We won't lie like it would
Be happy ever after
A dream with no eyelids
So the very best you can
Should be at least done for the kids


Ms. Understanding
Hey Mr. Understood
Your pro bono action might get heated as it should
It could get bloody
It may split you at your seems
But love is rarely comfortable and
Never ever clean


from Omega Man Maxi​-​Single, released January 10, 2012



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