Words and music by Mark Heimer


What I'm out to do
When I'm counting coup
Is trying to put myself together
Without that glue
That pulp of bone
That blood based paste
That whett the jaws of manifest taste
It's not the bite as much as the kiss
That put's the bounce in my stones this big
Elephantine would just be me being modest
I've been sincere now it's time to get honest

This love of sport has destined me
To get burned every way to the nth degree
But as they slay for what they lack
I'll open palm greet them with a math attack
The first is for me another notch on my stick
The seconds for them a stinging righteous quick lick
I'm proving something just feel me out
Send reinforcements give me something that counts

A pinch on the cheek and nobody get's sore
A stroke of the mane and there's no headache
No history to try in vain to shelve
I'm counting coup because I've got something to prove

Another awesome play
Another massive grave
Another lickin' stick getting whittled to shaves
With a count so high and nothing to show for it
I'm either the best or my game has hit the skids
The first was for me another notch on my stick
But the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth
Just don't add up but not to pout
Send reinforcements give me something to count



from Omega Man Maxi​-​Single, released January 10, 2012



all rights reserved