Glass Eyes Maxi​-​Single

by No-Fi Soul Rebellion

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released March 22, 2011



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Track Name: Glass Eyes
You can carry a flame but never burn
You can roll how you like but never perm
What's the deal with that?
We can see the facade but not the cracks and
It drives me nuts
It makes me what
The fiber count of the fabric you're cut
Must be like a hundred-thousand-million-billion-trillion-frillion

Didn't crack when you
Fell down from Heaven
Straight to Earth
Or your so down we're fooled
Tell us what beige magic
Makes that kind of glue

Okay we get it there's no wrong you can do
With all the cream there must butter there too
What a face what a body every single proportion
But a mind? But a soul? Is it all just distortion
The kind of buzz that sounds great in a mix
But when is solo'd from its studio tricks
Sounds just like the fudge-ups of this
all thumbs orchestra I'm leading


So at last here we are eye to eye
And what I said to you might have been a bit out of line
You're not so great and it is a little bit funny
Because I'm not so great and I was like I was 20/20
And all the logs I had jamming my eyes
Astigmatised me to you because you looked kind of nice
Now what they say about assuming is totally pertinent
Isn't it?

Didn't crack when I
Fell down from Heaven
Straight to Earth
I shattered these glass eyes
So forgive me if I don't see things quite right
Track Name: Wet Work
The secret fever dreams you can't seem to shake
Are on the verge of your new biggest mistake
And all the figures figured you could equate
But nothing adds up when you scream calculate

The callus on your hand comes from
Holding the sign that says
Man you should have seen
When I was in my prime
The fact no one can read it
Serves to only remind you that
The wet work is piling up

The blood the sweat the tears you tried choking back
Are irrigating crops where you slash and hack
You spilled your guts way back when you were at lack
And now it's emptiness that keeps you on the track


Now as your racing for some old broken tape
And all the enablers have made their escape
You wish for dry ground but you asphyxiate
And your fever cools as you are crushed by their wake

The callus on your hand comes from
Holding the sign that says
Man you should have seen me
When I was in my prime
The fact no one can read it
Is all by your design
Because the wet work ain't enough
Track Name: Crush Puppies
I'm sorry if you're crushed by this rhythm
But not for real because I hope it bridged the schism
That is revealed when the jiggy get to jiggin'
Now can you feel the weight of my heel?

The mixed messages your are receiving
Aren't mixed at all your just confusing pain with feelings
I'm sorry if our shared experience leaves you bleeding
But now can you feel the weight of my heel?
So here I

Stepping on toes
Sharing my Soul
Is like stepping on toes

Your hush puppies
Can you feel me?
I bet you'd like to heel me

If your inclinations not to catch a bruisin'
Shut up your dogs it's time to hush them and then move them
'Cause S-O-U-L R-E-B-E-L-L-I-O-N
Has bipedal zeal that will never heel
So here I