Alaska Chic

by No-Fi Soul Rebellion

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released September 6, 2005



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Track Name: Feel Our Wrath
Dig the kids all waiting for the donnybrook
Waiting for their chance to get akimbo
Dig what’s-his-name in the feminine pants
Loves what he likes so he will not let go

Will it all last?
Will it all last?
Oh, you know I really don’t know
Will it all last?
Will it all last?
Oh, you know I pray it won’t
Track Name: Mark The Knife
I don’t have to cut you open
I can see what’s inside
There is only so much
A pretty face tends to hide
And so it’s paddy-whack, snicker-snack
You’re turned inside out
And with the gentlest of hands
I will be slicing a route

I’m cutting out your heart
To show you just how you live
Your apathy’s the whetting
And this song is the shiv

First it’s over your lips
Then sliding right past your gums
Then through the gnashing of teeth
Until your stomach succumbs
Us to the blood that you’re bleeding
As it takes us like air
Down to your heart that’s the part
The one that living in err


If it takes my knife

To save your life
Then let me slice
And tear you apart
I’m so sick of nice
So let me inside
And I’ll show you
I’ll show you a heart
Track Name: Let's Pretend
Let’s pretend we’ve never met
Forget just what to expect
Clear the slate and reset
I’m pleased to meet you
I’m jam packed and full of wit
No wait I mean the opposite
Whatever you want I’ll fit
I want you

I am left and I am right
I am darkness I am light
I am peace that has to fight
I’ll change for you
A paradox on my own feet
Neither precious or unique
Not just knowing who to greet
Or bid adieu

You’re oh so fine all the time
That’s why I have to make you mine
Hope that this will change your mind
Come to me
Feel insignificant as I ought
I’ll be whatever you want
I’m fat I’m sturdy I’m gaunt
I’ll make you see


But maybe
This changing
Estranging every part of me
Has made my
Own will die

Oh please I
Please stay true to thee
Track Name: My Other Car Is A Hearse
It’s a shame so much talent’s out there wasting away
In the ditches in the pits digging the rich man’s grave
Future masters made slaves toiling for scraps from their plates
It’s not a matter of time it’s always been this way

Makes a grown man want to cry
And wonder why he’d rather starve than die

At least your struggle is noble don’t let them take that away
Dig, dig, put ‘em all in their place
Dig deep to hasten the day they’ll heed every word you say
You’re not living the dream you’re throwing dirt in their face

So take no pity and feel no shame
Grab a spade and shout your name

Grab a spade and shout your name
(Shout your name here)!!!
Track Name: Three Fools
I am the sinister minister
I am the pastor of pain
So willing to sock It to you
But not to give It a name
I let you call me all righteous
While meeting all your demands
The power He has compels us
Because we know He is a well hung man

How come you never sing about me
How come you never sing about us
I don’t wanna make the world feel stupid
‘Cause it don’t know a thing about love
No it don’t know a thing about-

I am the partner supreme
I really bring home the bacon

Our labor’s well dressed and clean
His world is ours for the shaping
I rule my child with a fist of iron
Mom would have liked it that way
The real world can be tough as nails
So I must mold and fire the clay


I am the rock star
See how I control this room
But I must nurture my genius
So credibility will bloom
I’m dealing with universals
The injustice and truth
So busy seeking approval
So busy neglecting you
And that’s why-

It’s not that I don’t care about you
It’s not that I don’t care about us
All this world can understand is power
‘Cause it don’t know a thing about love

Track Name: I Still Have My Doubts
I pretend I don’t care
I pretend you’re not there
But that is a great big lie
Your taste is a cradle
And at the same time a grave
Always on my mind
You truly really touch me
Well maybe more a punch see
I love to make just what you like
And if you do not sing along
This spiteful hateful song
Keeps me up at night

Pushed from mother
Put down under
Lightning strikes
But there’s no thunder

Future cultures
Nurture vultures
Why do I try?

It’s growing like a cancer
This doubt I cannot answer
With assurance of fortune and fame
A future without questions
Perverting my intentions
And wonder if you feel the same
So let’s make with the bleeding
And amputate the feeling
Everyone needs to like what you love
I sing because I have to
Not for notice or to graft you
But still have my doubts about us

Screw this culture
And it’s couture
Starve the hungry
Circling vultures
Pushed from mother
Put down under
But I still cry

Still have my
Not sure why
Still have my
Doubts about us
Track Name: Alaska Chic
Pay no mind to just how cold it is
Don’t you dare ask me if there’s more than this
The way you bitch it really makes me sick
And I’m pissed

You say you’re waiting for that heat again
Say it’s been cold so long it is a sin
You say you’re living like a shut-in
And it’s a sin

But if you wanna whine then get in line
I’m busy using everything in sight

Using what I find to make what’s mine
And if you don’t like it you can get in line

People say this is a cold and frozen land
We may be numb but hey we do the best we can
Alaska chic is making due with what we have
And we have
People say this is a cold and frozen land
But our resources stretch beyond just what’s at hand
Alaska chic is making due with what we have
And we have
Track Name: Phonies
People talk around me in the hush hushed tone of a dirty joke
As if we had egg on our face but I’m still dripping with yoke
Wish I could say that
I’ll be okay
But I’m so jealous and lonely
Cause of all the other phonies

Operator operator are you lonely tonight
Do you feel you’ve been out optioned and it’s a matter of time
Till everybody knows it all and no one brings you a dime
Operator operator are you still on this line?

People are like
Eww what do I want with you when I’m everywhere I want to be
No more wandering aimlessly wondering ‘can you hear me?’
Wish we could say
That we’ll call you someday
But we’re obsessed with our phonies
Plus we hardly even know thee
Track Name: Born Ready
They’re gonna get you
You say
They’re gonna tear out your throat
On the contrary

I say we’re all in the same boat

You keep shouting
When it comes down you’ll be up against the wall
But talk is cheap and don’t phase me
Born ready for the fall

They’re gonna take your money
That’s fine
I had too much anyway
They’ll beat you bloody
‘Bout time
I had some fists thrown my way